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Sandra Golding

Sandra Golding MA, RSMT is an African holistic dance practitioner, CEO and founder of Moving Tu Balance. Born in Birmingham to Jamaican parents Sandra came into dance due to underlying health issues as a child and was prescribed dance which became her medicine.

1988 – 1995, Sandra was a principal dancer with Birmingham based ‘Kokuma Dance Theatre Company’ direction of Jackie Guy MBE. As principal dancer Sandra toured national and international in many productions which includes; ‘African Sanctus’, ‘Still we rise’, ‘Repercussions’, ’Profiles in Black’ ‘Soulless Games’, Bankra’, ‘Benin’, ‘The Awakening’, ‘History of the Drum,’ ’Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Spirit of Carnival’.

During her time with Kokuma, Sandra developed an interest in the retention and advancement of African and Caribbean music, and dance as practiced in the UK, this led to her researching the origins of dances of her cultural heritage and ritual theatre.

Over the years Sandra has developed her creative work by bringing her lived experiences and connecting them [her lived experience] with a rooted understanding of what movement styles and spiritual practices influence her embodied movement. She created ‘Opera of Hope’, ‘Dub Qualander’, ‘Hail Jah’, ‘They also Served’ and ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ service. Most importantly, these encounters have cultivated her desire to help others heal through the embodiment of African holistic dance.

Sandra was the recipient of The ‘Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund’, for a research and teaching trip to South Africa and the One Dance UK 2020 Dance for wellbeing award. Bringing the concept of ‘Sankofa’ (a symbol of wisdom of learning from the past to build for the future) into her work. Sandra is a registered Somatic teacher, she currently teaches online, community dance and wellness classes; runs participatory events for 50+.